Why planning in advance is more important than ever

Yesterday, a new investigative report on the Funeral Industry appeared entitled “You Could Pay Thousands Less For A Funeral Just By Crossing The Street” 

In fact, the industry is planning on making lots of money on because of you waiting until the last minute.

The funeral home market has many independent funeral homes, but is dominated by companies like Service Corporation International (SCI), a multibillion-dollar company traded on the New York Stock Exchange, considered to be the largest owner of funeral homes and cemeteries in the world.

SCI CEO Tom Ryan told investors: “Think about society today. We are in a hurry, right? Everybody is on the clock … What we find is when we deliver these packages, people tend to spend more money because they’re buying more products and services.”

Although an unpopular topic, it makes common sense while we are still alive, to document the wishes and arrangements we want to occur at the time of our death.  When our loves ones or caregivers have this information already in place, they can be better “shoppers” for funeral services.

TheOneFile, the pioneer in secure organized storage, was created specifically to help people record these arrangements.

Many of us have had to attend to the final arrangements for a friend or loved one that didn’t leave instruction on what kind of arrangements they preferred, or perhaps had already made.

Why would anyone not want to leave this kind of information for others?  We never know what the days ahead may hold for us…

Adult Care facilities help adult children plan for their parents future

More than 7 million of the 44 million Americans who act as family caregivers for someone over age 50 live at least an hour away from their loved one.

These long-distance caregivers face constant worry about how their parents are faring each day, as well as guilt over not being there more often.

blog - talking to parentProgressive Adult Care facilities across the country are starting to provide these caregivers TheOneFile, an on-line organizing tool that makes it easier for these family caregivers to begin to capture (and securely store) their parent’s memories, wishes, arrangements, preferences and important records and documents.

Further, this information that will become very important as our society continues to age, and will help to ease the concerns of these adult children that when the time comes, all of the information they need will be easily accessible.

You thought you had all of your ducks in a row…

In the past, you could go into the hospital with three documents that conveyed your health care preferences:

  • Durable power of attorney
  • Advance Directive
  • Living will

But you would be missing a critical document.  The form is the HIPAA Privacy Authorization Form, which authorize disclosure of all or some types of your medical information.  Some doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers have their own release forms that they will give patients to complete.  or you can click the link shown above.

If you have the luxury of planning in advance, contact all the doctors’ offices and other medical providers you or the person in your care regularly visits. Find out the procedures they follow and whether they provide a specific form.

It’s kinda important for quality health care if your information can be shared with others.  Without this form completed, and available, critical information about your wishes, preferences and arrangements may not be accessible to important people involved with your treatment

You’ve pulled all of your tax stuff together, now what?

Each year, many struggle to collect supporting documentation for tax preparation.

Now that you have it all, why not save this data to TheOneFile?

Receipts and other important documents can fade, or become lost or damaged over time.

That way, when you have to go back later, in case of an audit, or even to claim a warranty repair or replacement, you’ll have it in a clear readable form.

Keeping track of your physical treasures

We often have items and personal “treasures” that we may have stored in various places around our home or office.  Sometimes these items are kept in a home safe, or a safe deposit box in a bank.

Books, Cancelled Checks, Coin Collections, Computer Disks, Computer Tapes, Credit Cards, Diaries, Heirlooms, Jewelry, Medals, Negatives, Passports, Savings Certificates, Stamps (rare), Stocks, U.S. Savings Bonds, Wills, and other Valuable Physical Items.

Do you have a single place where you have recorded what these items are, where they are, and how to get to them?

A new service called “TheOneFile” offers a unique way to keep track of these items, no matter where you have them physically stored.


WWFD? (What would Fido Do?)

Nobody wants to think of what would happen to their beloved pet(s) if they weren’t around to care for them.

But every day, veterinarians and shelters across the country find themselves with pets ofabandoned dog all sizes and types that are dropped off by people that can no longer care for them.

The reasons the owner can’t care for them are many and can include:

  • unexpected long term out of town project
  • military deployment
  • unexpected hospitalization or death
  • divorce / separation
  • loss/downsizing of home (natural disaster/sale/foreclosure etc)

There are lots of details about pet care that one may want to record so to share with others if the need arises such as (but not limited to):

Guardian information
Pet Insurance
Type of Food, Meal times and snacks
Exercise schedule
Veterinary information
Medical / Surgical history
Hiding places
Favorite toys and games

Do you have these items recorded somewhere accessible if something were to happen to you?

Avoid the worry of missing work due to hunting for information

According to the ERC Absence Management Practices Survey looking at the area of Unscheduled Employee Absence, found that the average number of unscheduled absences per year across all organizations is 3.9 days.   Over one-third of these respondents (36%) reported that they lose 3-4 days per employee per year due to unscheduled absence.

Employers report that there are several main causes of unscheduled absence at their organizations. After illness, the #2 major cause of unscheduled absences is taking care of home/family obligations (61%).

We all know how time consuming it is to keep track of all of the forms, receipts, documents, tax documents, warranties and such in our lives.  But when you have to get/renew a license, obtain a passport, adopt a child, or arrange care for a family member, the time to collect and organize this information can be extensive.

The benefits of having your stuff organized and easily accessible are significant, for both you and your employer!

Your life could depend upon it…

Each time you visit a new doctor, clinic or hospital you sit in admissions filling out a similar set of pre-admission paperwork, including your medical history, and the details about the medical histories of your family.

If you had saved this information in TheOneFile, it would save a lot of time, and racking your brain, trying to remember when you had that procedure, or which of your 4 sisters had hypertension.

Identity Theft is increasing – here’s some things you can do

According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft complaints in the U.S. jumpedIdentity Theft Prevention more than 78% between 2009 and 2011—and show no signs of slowing down.

Identity thieves are looking for victims that will provide the most financial benefit, and oftentimes, boomers fit the bill. Boomers tend to have strong credit ratings, more savings than younger consumers and access to credit.

Here’s an article that can help boomers keep their personal and financial information more secure



Don’t let this happen to you !

Even though we all know that regular maintenance is essential to keeping us out of the repair shop, it’s too easy to overlook things like an oil change, checking belts and fluids, or rotating and balancing our tires.

Until it’s too late !

Wouldn’t it be easier if you created a reminder to yourself in TheOneFile?

You can create as many reminders to yourself as you need. (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual, or specific date), and you’ll be reminded of anything important in your life!  What could be easier?  And isn’t that a lot better than paying an expensive repair bill?